Chicago Tribune, Pricekut und Factchecking

Der Chicago Tribune berichtet in einem Artikel über Social Networks: will join the fray when it rolls out PriceKut, a social network where customers can meet each other to discuss bargains, but only after first purchasing something at the site.

Allerdings hat da jemand nicht wirklich lange recherchiert:

Wow, I duped the Chicago Tribune.

They ran a story in today’s paper (21 Feb 2003) about social networks, and it mentions that Amazon is getting into the business, with its new “Pricekut” network.[ brianstorms ]

Bei Pricekut handelt es sich um feinste Satire:

Seattle, WA /DenounceNewswire/ — 27 January 2004 — announced today the launch its own “social network”, called Pricekut, allowing its customers to meet old friends and make new ones while shopping for products on the site. The catch? A customer can only enter the social network by first making a purchase on the site, or by having a friend buy an item on his or her wish list. Like its name suggests, Pricekut members may buy items for less than non-members: typically they’ll save 10 to 25 percent on top of any existing discounts.

Da hat wohl mal wieder jemand gepennt, vor allem weil Pricekut auf etlichen Blogs als wunderbare Satire angepriesen wurde. Besonders schön finde ich, dass ein “Experte” auch noch seinen Senf zu den Planungen Amazons dazu gibt.

[ via: Doc Searls ]