urban tapestries

Gestern abend habe ich mich mit Thomas Burg unterhalten, der gerne eine mobile Anwendung hätte, die auf einem Tool wie WorldKit aufsetzt und beispielsweise mapping BlogTalk mobil nutzen lässt. Und heute gab es dann via /. den Hinweis auf Urban Tapestries:

Urban Tapestries is a research project exploring social and cultural uses of the convergence of place and mobile technologies. To investigate these issues we are conducting transdisciplinary research as well as building an experimental platform that allows people to author and access place-based content (text, audio and pictures). It is a framework for exploring and sharing experience and knowledge, for leaving and annotating ephemeral traces of peoples%u2019 presence in the geography of the city.

The Urban Tapestries software platform allows people to author their own virtual annotations of the city, enabling a community’s collective memory to grow organically, allowing ordinary citizens to embed social knowledge in the new wireless landscape of the city. People can add new locations, location content and the ‘threads’ which link individual locations to local contexts, which are accessed via handheld devices such as PDAs and mobile phones.

Stadtführungen einmal ganz anders, ich finde die Idee sehr spannend.