Life Caching

Der Mensch als Sammler, vor allem natürlich persönlicher Dinge, das ist alles nichts neues. Neu ist der Trend, dies alles in digitaler Form und wenn möglich vernetzt zu tun:

TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed this emerging mega trend ‘LIFE CACHING’: collecting, storing and displaying one’s entire life, for private use, or for friends, family, even the entire world to peruse. The LIFE CACHING trend owes much to bloggers: ever since writing and publishing one’s diary has become as easy as typing in, millions of people have taken to digitally indexing their thoughts, rants and God knows what else; all online, disclosing the virtual caches of their daily lives, exciting or boring. Next came moblogging, connecting camera phones to online diaries, allowing not only for more visuals to be added to blogs, but also for real-time, on the go postings of experiences and events. And that’s still just the beginning.[LIFE CACHING | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas]

Ob mega oder nicht, den Trend sehe ich auch.


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