So kann man seine Unterstützng für einen Kandidaten natürlich auch ausdrücken:

Let’s face it- All career politicians suck. They may start out starry eyed and full of ideals but the political process grinds them down and makes them beholden to large corporations and one of the two major parties. The higher up in the political food chain you get the worse it is. Imagine after years in the system how many IOUs exist. You can not expect to raise all that money for re-election without a few strings attached. If you fail to push the party agenda you can not continue to move up. Senators and Congressmen have been punished and “demoted”, stripped of influential committee positions, for voting their conscience instead voting the party line.

The ultimate suck ups must be the presidential candidates. Think about spending $100,000,000 or more to get a job that only pays a measly $400,000.

[via: Favorite political site of the day | A Whole Lotta Nothing]