Google voll?

4,285,199,774 Web-Seiten – und das seit seit dem 8.8.2003? Oder nur ein Archivierungsproblem bei

My guess is that in Aug 25, 2003 Google’s index was full. Why do I say this?
Because Google’s white papers were freely available to anyone. This meant
that you could access the actual documents publish by Google founders before
Google became public and get a glimpse of how Google was created. According
to these documents, Google was written in C and C using ANSI C and Linux.
The database was constructed using a Document_ID that is associated with
each Web page. This document_ID was published as being a 4-byte unsigned
long integer. This means that for every single Web page Google has in their
index, an ID was created to identify this Web page. But like everything,
there is a limit and a 4-byte unsigned long integer has a maximum value of
4,294,967,296. So if no changes are made to their database structure, it
would mean Google has probably reached this threshold. And as new pages are
added, old pages are removed (disappear). Quite alarming isn’t it? [Is Google Broken? – W3Reports]

An Googles Stelle würde ich mal per Zufallszahlengenerator ein paar andere Zahlen auswerfen, dann merkt das niemand…

Ob auf dem Google Blog das Thema aufgegriffen werden wird?

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  1. Hinter der Frage Google voll? [Lummaland] verbirgt sich die Erkenntniss, das Google vielleicht voll sein könnte. Gemeint ist, dass die Anzahl der Seiten scheinbar nicht mehr ansteigt, und Google vielleicht Probleme mit der Datenbank bzw. deren GröÃ?e ha…

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