Barrister Richard Williams.
Solicitors and advocate


I am Barrister Richard Williams,a solicitor at law.

I am the personal Attorney to one late MR. James Lumma,who has lived in
Nigeria for years, and whom Herein after shall be referred to as my client.
In April 1999, my Client, was involved in a fatal car accident, all occupants
of the vehicle Unfortunately lost their lives, my clientwas one of them.I
have contacted you to assist in repatriating most especially,the Money left
behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared Unserviceable
by the bank where this huge deposit were lodged.

Particularly, the Bank of Africa Plc where the deceased Had an account valued
at about 10 million dollars, has issued me a notice to provide the Next
of kin, or have the account confiscated. I seek your consent to present
you as the Next of kin of the deceased since you have the same last name
so that the proceeds of this account Valued at 10 million dollars can be
paid to you, as my clients Next of Kin, and then we can share the amount
on a mutually agreed percentage. All legal documents to back up your claim
as the deceased Next of Kin, will be provided. All I require is your honest
cooperation to enable us see this deal through.I guarantee that this will
be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any
breach of the law. Please get in touch with me, to enable us discuss further
about this transaction. Reply through private Mailbox

Best Regards
Barrister Richard Williams,

Das ist wahrscheinlich ein Bekannter von Mrs Caroline Solange Haafkens of Nederlanden.

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