Der verdrahtete Bush – das ginge auch besser

War Bush nun verdrahtet oder nicht? Egal, Hauptsache ist doch, man hat wieder eine neue Verschwörungstheorie. Ich kann nur die Lektüre des Buches Interface empfehlen, das zwar als Science-Fiction angelegt ist, aber nun auf einmal doch recht passend wirkt.

Bury (a pseudonym for Neal Stephenson, author of Snow Crash , and J. Frederick George) has concocted a clever premise for his complex, entertaining, frequently funny political thriller. Right before the next presidential election, the incumbent proposes to solve the problem of the national debt by simply refusing to pay. This irks a powerful alliance of investors, and they move into action. Illinois Gov. William A. Cozzano suffers a stroke and, as a part of a radical new therapy, has a biochip implanted in his brain. The chip allows Cozzano to make a miraculous recovery–and also gives him access to an instantaneous polling system. He can “sense” the mood of the voters and instantly responds by telling them what they want most to hear. The campaign proceeds as (meticulously) planned, through the debates, primaries and conventions, and Cozzano seems like a sure bet–until he begins to slip out of control. Crammed with throwaway detail on the political process, medical and computer advances, the media and much, much more, Bury’s vision of a system ultimately controlled by media handlers is so entertaining that you don’t really mind when his plot goes a bit over the top.

Auch ohne Verdrahtung wirkt das Fernsteuern eines Präsidenten wie eine Beschreibung von George Bush und den Ölbaronen.