New York City: Bilder zeigen den Wandel

Das Buch New York Changing habe ich gleich mal auf meinen Wunschzettel gepackt.

New York Changing, the current body of work by New York City photographer Douglas Levere, is a photographic record of the ever-changing landscape of New York City. Guided by Berenice Abbott?s 1930?s project Changing New York, Levere revisited neighborhoods and former storefronts, documenting the evolution of the metropolis known for constantly reinventing itself.

The paired images produce a remarkable commentary on the evolution of New York City over several decades and encourage the viewer to consider the rate and meaning of progress. This juxtaposition of the past and present comes with obvious changes: the brownstone becomes a housing project, the neighborhood store becomes a skyscraper. Often, however, the encounter results in a more subtle reflection of the changing tides of our culture.

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  1. Da hab’ ich jetzt aber kurz gestutzt… Ich hab “Changing New York” von Berenice Abbot im Regal, ähnliches Thema, gleiche Zeit; hat mich aber nicht so vom Hocker gehauen. Naja, gibt halt mehr als eine handvoll Leute die Bilder von New York machen.

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