Yahoo, Google, MSN als böse Nationen

Also diese Klassifizierungen gefallen mir irgendwie:

Microsoft is Germany. They did some pretty evil things a while back but you don’t remember the details, you just know that you really hate them. Even though they’re really no worse than any other large corporpation/country, you can’t help but distrust them permanently because, well, you always have.

Yahoo is Japan. It had an economic crisis that almost destroyed it and it plays too nice with all of the other evil empires, supporting the most evil endeavors. It hasn’t really innovated for a while, but it tries to improve on known products to support average people. It’s currently trying to sell culture in the form of animated cutesy iconic images which you kinda like and kinda despise.

Google is the United States. It has never seen trouble on home turf. It is arrogant and loved by the elite. You know you’re supposed to respect them for being better than everyone else, because they think they are, but you actually kinda resent them for being so rich and powerful. Yet, you really appreciate their innovations.

[via: apophenia: Which evil nation state are you? (similes for Microsoft, Yahoo and Google)]


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  1. You know you’re supposed to respect them for being better than everyone else,

    Seit Bushs Lügen, Fake-Beweisen für den Irak-Krieg, Guantanamo, eingebuchteten Journalisten und Flugzeugen, die Gefangene zum Verhör mal eben ins Ausland fliegen, um Bundesgesetze umgehen zu dürfen, kann ich dieser Einschätzung irgendwie nicht zustimmen…

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