JS/UIX – Terminal

Endlich kann ich vi auch im Webbrowser nutzen, mit JS/UIX – Terminal:

JS/UIX is a virtual OS written entierly in JavaScript to be run in any standard web-browser (type 4.0 or higher). The user interface – a simple 80 colums terminal – is implemented in DHTML but could be implemented in any other JavaScript compliant application environment as p.e. Macromedia Flash(TM).

JS/UIX features a UN*X-like operating environment with no intention of any full POSIX compatibility. Some standard commands have been implemented at full range others with just simple syntax or basic functionality, while new commands have been added. The only application for now is a simple implementation of vi (visual editor).[Doku]

/usr/bin/invaders geht auch, man kann also ein wenig daddeln.

[ via: Waxy.org: Links Miniblog ]