Skype angeblich reverse engineered

Skype ist bekannt dafür, dass niemand genau weiss, was genau auf dem Rechner passiert während man Skype nutzt. Skype ist das absolute Gegenteil von offen und es gab schon viele Versuche, die Applikation mal näher zu durchleuchten, die bislang nicht so erfolgreich waren. Das soll sich jetzt geändert haben, denn Skype Protocol Has Been Cracked:

Today I received a call through Skype from a friend at a company in China, except he told me he was not using Skype to call me. His company has successfully reverse engineered the Skype protocol and he wanted to call me in the United States to see how it worked between physically distant IP addresses. We talked for a little over nine minutes before the call dropped. Then I called him back using my Skype and we spoke for another three minutes.

The first time we talked there was a noticeable echo on my end. The second time the voice quality was good ol%u2019 Skype crystal clear. At present they only support placing Skype peer-to-peer phone calls and they have not yet implemented presence. They have plans to add presence, instant messaging, and a host of other features. Their end goal is to create a client 100% compatible with Skype.

Mal sehen, was die Chinesen da gebastelt haben. Eine alternvative Skype-Lösung wäre schon interessant, insbesondere für Ebay und den Börsenkurs.

[ via: GigaOM : » Skype Cracked? ]


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