Iowa wird Wine Country

Als ich vor 17 Jahren das erste Mal von iowa hörte, da hiess es immer nur “Mais, Schweine und Soja”, aber interessanterweise ändert sich dies jetzt:

When wineries began popping up around the region in the 1970s – the first rebound of a local industry killed by Prohibition – many people thought it was a fad that would go the way of herbal diets and frozen yogurt stands.

But across the Midwest, wineries are thriving, both as tourism magnets and profit-making businesses. Some are even producing quality wine, sommeliers say, made possible by French-American grape hybrids that are bred to thrive in cold climates.

They have been so successful that more corn, soybean and tobacco farmers are clearing fields and planting grapes. In Iowa alone, a new winery has been licensed every two weeks for the past year, officials say. Now, more than 700 acres are devoted to grapes (compared with 15 in 2000) and there are close to 70 commercial wineries. Iowa has also just hired its first state oenologist to help guide the novice winemakers.

Leider habe ich von den lokalen Winzern irgendwie nichts mitbekommen diesen Sommer, aber ich werde mal Ausschau halten nach Weinsorten wie Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc and Chambourcin. Das würde wahrscheinlich auf dem Iowa Wine Trail besser klappen als im örtlichen Edeka.

[ via: Iowa Finds Itself Deep in Heart of Wine Country – New York Times ]