gewinnt prominente Investoren und nun?

Nico —  22.12.2008

16625v3-max-150x150Das sind ja mal wieder interessante Nachrichten, denn Secures Angel Funding From Joi Ito And Reid Hoffman und damit sind zwei der üblichen Verdächtigen des Silicon Valley jetzt bei investiert. Natürlich freue ich mich für die Gründer, aber Zweifel bleiben, ob wirklich so nützlich ist.

Was macht Genau: is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap.

Mit einem Click kann man seine Updates in über 30 verschiedene Plattformen pusten.

Ich schreibe alle meine Status-Updates mit Twitter und diese fließen dann in Facebook, Friendfeed und Plaxo ein. Damit sind meine Status-Updates bei mindestens drei Diensten nahezu ohne Kontext. Ist das gut? Sollte man dies auf über 30 Plattformen ausdehnen? Geht das nicht völlig konträr zu der Idee des Personal Micro-Publishing? Irgendwie erinnert das eher an Fire-and-Forget als an das gezielte Aussenden von Informationen für einen ausgewählten Nutzerkreis. Kann man so überhaupt noch einen Überblick haben, mit wem man wie welche Informationen teilt? Wird dadurch nicht alles total belanglos werden?

5 responses to gewinnt prominente Investoren und nun?

  1. chrisdymond 22.12.2008 at 10:21

    I disagree – the thing that makes it useful are the custom triggers, so you can quickly indicate *which* services you want to update. So I have a trigger for facebook, twitter and linkedin as well as a trigger for just twitter and facebook. So rather than broadcasting updates everywhere, gives you the fine control.

    • ok, thanks for the input, but that doesn't really make the service any simpler, doesn't it? instead of updating from within the context of a plattform, I do this from and then try to trigger the right platforms so that the context somehow works out? that requires way too much thinking ahead for a few words…

      • chrisdymond 22.12.2008 at 11:09

        Well, yeah in theory it does, but in practice I find I do a few similar things often enough to make their service useful to me. And you pre-define the trigger so it's quick and short, just a # and a couple of characters. And I don't use it for some things that it supports such as tumblr, mainly because shareaholic is more convenient.

        I agree with you – it doesn't make sense to update 30 services with the same information at once, and planning what to update is also a chore. But I just wanted to point out that it's more useful than that (and sorry, I could have been more polite, actually I hit enter a bit early on that previous post!)

  2. I agree both of you. control matters but maybe reputation even more. if that `s the case than the social context gets important. or listening to conversations gets difficult without contexts – otherwise all services become a echochamber.