Konferenz für Gründer: Capital on Stage

Capital on StageAm 14. September findet in Amstedam die Konferenz Capital on Stage für Gründer und VCs statt, die ein etwas anderes Konzept verfolgt, als man es normalerweise kennt. Bei Capital on Stage pitchen nicht die Gründer, weil sie VC-Investments haben wollen, sondern die VCs buhlen um die Gunst der Gründer.

Ich habe mit Arjen Strijker dazu gesprochen, der die Konferenz organisiert:

What is the idea behind Capital on Stage?

At most conferences around funding, Startups pitch themselves to VCs, while VCs remain rather anonymous. Both Sander and I felt it would be great if we could somehow turn things around and do exactly the opposite of what you’d normally experience at traditional events around funding. that investors would present themselves to Startup founders for a change. This setup guarantees that Startup founders gain a strong idea about what funding is about and which investors they’d prefer to work with.

Is dealsourcing broken? Shouldn’t VCs find the right companies?

Dealsourcing is not broken, but our conference isn’t just about dealsourcing. We feel the relationship between a founder and her investor is a very important driver of success of the company. It’s easy for VCs to get to know startups and develop a preference for which ones they would want to work with. However, founders are easily tempted to work with any VC that’s willing to provide the cash. We want to give founders the opportunity to get to know more investors and develop a preference themselves.

Why do you only invite the founders and CEOs of startups?

We wanted to make Capital On Stage a very high quality conference. It’s not about the numbers, but about relevance. Founders are the ones that are most passionate and engaged with their company. They are the ones with the strongest vision about how the company should evolve, and they’re the ones dealing with investors, if they choose that route. So when we have a bunch of top-notch investors flying to Amsterdam to present themselves, we feel the audience should consist of only those people they’d typically work with.

If I had a startup, why should I come to Amsterdam for Capital on Stage?

Startups are typically innovative businesses that require a certain amount of financing. The relationship between investors and founders is one of those things that can make or break the company. Therefore, a founder should be careful about which investors she’d like to attract. Capital On Stage is a great opportunity to get to know a lot of them. You can see them present themselves on stage, as well as book 20-minute meetings with them, during our Open Office Hours in the morning. Oh, and once you get selected, a ticket will only cost 25 Euro.

Startups können sich einladen lassen, aber nur Gründer und Geschäftsführer dürfen sich bewerben. Viel Erfolg!