Jabber – wie geht es weiter?

Julian Missig hat eine Jabber Vision und fängt an, Themen aufzugreifen, die bei Jabber noch etwas zu kurz gekommen sind.

Something’s not right with Jabber. There is not one major thing wrong with it, there are a bunch of little things. The problem is that when added up these little things form a major problem.

My intention is for this to be a guiding document. There has not been a clear vision for Jabber for quite some time – at least not an overarching vision which includes everyone from protocol designers to client authors to web site maintainers.

This document will be critical. In fact, during the upcoming months I’m going to attempt to be even more critical than usual. I will probably criticize your project at some point in time. Yes, yours. I do not do so to offend you or the people who have worked on your project – on the contrary, I very much appreciate the work everyone has put into Jabber. But like a father to a son, sometimes someone just has to tell you when you’re not living up to what you could be. None of us have been lately when it comes to Jabber.

Jabber hat in den letzten Jahren deutlich an Usern gewonnen, daher ist es jetzt eine gute Idee, mal inne zu halten und zu gucken, was in 2005 dringend angepackt werden muss. Da gibt es so einiges… angefangen bei ordentlichen Clients, die auch alle Funktionen von Jabber abbilden können, wie z.B. der Filetransfer.


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  1. Grübel. Der Filetransfer funktioniert problemlos in Psi. ;) Wie eigentlich auch alles andere…

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