Technorati – get your DB in sync

I do my Vanity Search at technorati a couple of times a month, ok, a couple of times a day. How come I get “No links” every other time? This has been going on for quite some time now, how about fixing the loadbalancing and syncing the databases, finally? Is this a pathetic way to get peope to create watchlists? Don’t even get me started on the weird way the results are accumulated.

4 Antworten auf „Technorati – get your DB in sync“

  1. at least your blog is being listed as “updated x hours ago” in technorati.
    according to technorati, I updated my blog over 100 days ago. hahahaha

  2. Hey I tried your vanity search link; it was giving the results. May be it is a momentary problem with technorati. and if so it is a serious one:)

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