Neuer Claim für Schweinefleisch gesucht

Seit 1987 wirbt das National Pork Board mit dem Claim “the other white meat” für den Konsum von Schweinefleisch. Aber jetzt ist es aus mit dem Claim:

“Our research is showing that ‘other white meat’ no longer moves consumer choices,” Ceci Snyder, vice president-marketing for the Pork Board, which among other things administers the producer check-off.

Snyder said at the World Pork Expo on Wednesday in Des Moines that a final strategy hasn’t been set, but the Pork Board will likely roll out a new advertising and marketing campaign later this year or next spring.

She gave no details about what the new campaign would say except that it would try to “break through the clutter of messages that consumers receive.”

Dann kommt ja eigentlich nur noch irgendwas mit Bacon in Frage, oder? Die Möglichkeiten sind schier endlos.

[ via: For pork, a goodbye to “other white meat” | Des Moines Register Staff Blogs ]